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Desk Mats & XXL Placemats

Experience the versatility of Eeveve's desk mats and XXL placemats, acting as a desk mat, craft mat, or a desk protector. They offer a spacious and stable surface that easily accommodates your mouse and keyboard, replacing your conventional desk pad or desk blotter.


We've tackled common issues such as insufficient desk mat sizes and sliding desk protectors in our design process. Our large desk mat, weighing a hefty 760 grams and equipped with an anti-slip layer, assures you a sturdy and firm workspace that stays in place.


The desk mat's material has been meticulously crafted for optimal writing conditions. The perfect density of our computer desk mat ensures a smooth writing experience, even on an uneven table.

Heat resistant

Beyond its primary function, our desk mat is also heat resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 110 degrees. Now, you no longer need an extra coaster for that hot cup of coffee on your desk.

Give your office a tidy look.

In addition to its functionality, adding a desk pad to the room also gives it a very calm and tidy appearance. They are also so beautiful for your interior that you can leave them permanently, as they are an addition to your interior.


With a balance between functionality and aesthetics, Eeveve's desk mats enhance your workspace's appearance, making it look clean and sophisticated. They are designed to be practical and easy to clean with just a damp cloth. If they've been stored rolled up, you can easily flatten them again by gently heating the material with hot water. Eeveve's desk mats are indeed the perfect, versatile accessory for your workspace.

Have you stored the desk pad rolled up for a while and do you want to place it perfectly flat on the table again? Then you can easily heat up the material so that it can become flexible again in, for example, the sink with hot water. Dry with a towel, place on a flat surface and the mat is nice and flat again!