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Eeveve play mat is a game-changer for kids of all ages. Perfect for babies learning to sit and crawl, these puzzle mats make the learning process safer and more fun. Got a little climber or gymnast in the house? Our mat adds an extra layer of safety to their playtime.

Made of high-quality, washable EVA foam, they're as practical as they are pretty. And the best part? Each mat is made up of separate puzzle pieces, so storing them is a breeze, and you can easily connect multiple mats for a bigger play area.

Baby puzzel mat

Eeveve play mats

The comfort of a foam play mat and the look of a carpet! As parents, we understand the desire to restore some semblance of order to your home when the day winds down. Our aim was to design a puzzle mat that not only provided an easy storage solution but could also remain out without detracting from your home's aesthetics - a 'rug-look' play mat. The idea took root from the Beni rug in our own living room, leading us to transpose this concept into a puzzle mat. We stand apart in the market through several unique aspects:

Top quality

We have searched for a long time for the perfect quality foam. We distinguish ourselves in the market because we use the highest quality foam with a perfect density. Best of all, still soft enough to play on!

Grows with your family

Eeveve play mats adapt to each stage of your child's growth. In the early months, they provide a safe space for your baby to learn to sit and crawl. They're especially handy during tummy time when your baby is working on strengthening their neck muscles. As your child grows older, the mat continues to be a perfect spot for climbing, reading a book, or simply lounging in the playroom.

Easy to clean

The foam floor tiles are easy to clean. Always nice when you bring something new into the household that you don't have to clean in the washing machine, but are ready with just a damp cloth!

Safe nursery and bedroom

If your child is going through the transition from a cot to a toddler bed, the Eeveve play mat is also a handy item to place in front of the bed, so that you as a parent have a better night's sleep when your child tries to climb out of bed. It also immediately gives a nice decoration to the nursery!

Looks like a rug

Of course it is also very nice to use the play mat for decoration in the play room. Children really enjoy being able to see how their play area is marked out, and it also looks very nice in the family room, playroom, baby room.

Expanding and storing your play mat

Do you want to store the play mat for a while? Then you can easily take apart the puzzle pieces and put the play mat aside. Put your puzzle pieces back together? Our high quality foam gives you a seamless play mat! The size of a play mat is 180 x 120 cm with a thickness of 12 mm.

Assembly instructions.

Color advice

In terms of designs of the play mats, there is an extensive choice in basic colors and prints. Do you need advice on which design best suits your interior? Feel free to send us a message with the subject: color advice.