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Say hello to the Eeveve splat mat, the stylish and versatile solution you've been seeking!

As a high chair mat, it protects your floors from mealtime messes, making floor stains a thing of the past. Need a mat for under your office chair? This high-quality vinyl mat has got you covered, safeguarding your floors in style.

Beyond its practical uses, it also serves as an allergy-free decoration for indoor and outdoor use - under a table, on top of it, or even under an inflatable pool.

This mess mat isn't just functional; it's a statement piece designed to complement any interior. Mix and match it with all other items in the Eeveve collection for a coordinated look. The Eeveve splat mat – it's the high chair floor mat that's perfect for every family home!

Slat mat - round floor mat

In 2019, we wanted to protect our interior stylishly against all the adventures of our little girl. We just had a beautiful new floor in our house, and our daughter was learning to eat using the Rapley method. A beautiful phase, but a lot of mess goes along with it. As a result, we had to clean the floor during meals, which brought much unrest. It would be so nice if you only had to clean up the spaghetti sauce on the floor after everyone has eaten and not be afraid that those red stains will seep into the floor.

Sometimes the best ideas come from your own needs.

We have listed some useful information for you about what you can use the mess mat for:

As a floor protector for under the office chair

Given the splat mat's function as a floor protector, it is perfect to use as a mat for under your office chair. The round vinyl mat looks beautiful in your office.

Use the Eeveve mess mat as a large XXL placemat for your round dining table!

We often hear that finding nice placemats for a round table can be quite a challenge. The average round dining table has a diameter of 110 centimeters, exactly the same size as our splat mat. Do you have a larger round dining table? Then it's still nice to slide the mat to the edge when multiple children are crafting or eating at the table.

Floor protector for the children's pool

Always handy to protect your round baby pool outside against floor tiles. The anti-slip layer ensures that the mat does not slip when the children run over it, even when water comes on it, they won't easily slide. Super practical!

Decoration for the garden

The Eeveve splat mat features UV-protective ink. The floor mat can handle all weather types and will not discolor in the sun. Are you no longer using the splat mat indoors? Then it's very nice to lay it outside with your lounge set or under a large plant pot.


Every Christmas a real Christmas tree in the house? This is beautiful but can damage your floor with watering, etc. Place a splat mat under the Christmas tree to protect your floor. It also looks nice as decoration in the room with all the presents on it!

Potty training

Place a splat mat under the potty during toilet training, and you'll be sure that your floor stays protected during this training phase!

Easy to clean

Besides the versatile uses of the floor mat, it's also good to know that you can easily clean it with a damp cloth or a sponge with mild soap. Check out all the maintenance tips in the frequently asked questions about the splat mats.