When practical kids' essentials enhance your home decor

Eeveve products are versatile and enhance your interior in a stylish way. In the first few years, your child embarks on a beautiful journey of discovery and adventure. During this phase, your goal is to worry less and enjoy more - and Eeveve products are here to help!

As your child begins to explore the world of food, their experiments might extend beyond tasting. They may use food as a hat or test how long it takes for a piece of carrot to hit your precious floor. And when they start sitting upright for the first time, a soft floor covering can provide a little extra safety. Eeveve is here to help you relax and provide your child with opportunities to experiment, discover, and play.


Eeveve was founded in 2019 by a Dutch family and named after their daughter, Eve. They sought to protect their interior in a stylish way from the myriad of adventures brought on by their little girl. Deciding to share their experiences and solutions, they began their journey to assist parents embarking on the same quest.

What began as a simple floor mat for use under the high chair rapidly evolved into a comprehensive range of products within just a few months! Every corner of the house was taken into account, ensuring practical and stylish solutions for every home.

Our vision

Adventures know no bounds! Revel in the journey and treasure the moments!

Eeveve is committed to delivering the finest quality! Our products undergo stringent checks and tests to ensure durability. As a family business fueled by passion, we breathe life into our brand through creative designs and trend-focused selection of shapes and colours, with each member bringing their unique talents to fulfil our collective dreams.

We are mindful of our environmental footprint, understanding the importance of preserving nature for future generations. As such, Eeveve products are designed with sustainability at heart. We use recyclable packaging, our products are eco-friendly, and we always prioritize environmentally sound options in our shipping processes. Our goal is to allow future generations to live and enjoy life to the fullest.